Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tremendous Teacher Blogs

I love reading other teachers' blogs.  I've written a few blog posts myself but they don't come close to the best posts from my list of top teacher-bloggers.  As with everything in my life, I am constantly looking to learn more about this new medium of expression and yearning to improve.  These teacher-bloggers are beautiful writers, creative minds and passionate professionals.  They are the forward thinkers that we need to help guide the future of this crazy world of education we work in.  They give us hope when we feel there is none.  They inspire the tired and frazzled masses who trudge home, arms heavy with books and croaking voices.  Where would we be without them?

Below i have jotted down some of these great minds. The list is in a Random order, except for saving the best for last.

Pete Jones - @Pekabelo - Deep Learning:
This is one to watch I say.  Pete is an innovator and has some brilliant projects and ideas he is blogging about here.  Posts are impassioned and seeped in deep thought and practice. Also a big project-based learning advocate.  Great stuff. 

Tait Coles - @Totallywired77 - Punk Learning:
Tait has a personal and open style on the blog.  He talks a lot about his ongoing experience in the classroom and the thinking behind it.  I love the visual and step by step approach to some of his posts. He makes it super easy to see how you could apply it to your own teaching.  There is a wealth of amazing ideas to dip into.    His love of learning really shines through.

Tom Bennett - @tombennett77 - The Behaviour Guru: Tom Bennett's School Report:
Tom does not mince his words.  He keeps you guessing from post to post and really varies his style and approach to topics. He keeps it fresh.  He is one of the story weavers and creative bloggers. The blog contains sound advice, a beautiful style  and hard hitting topics. If I was in his class, I would so be behaving!

Tom Sherrington - @Headguruteacher - Headguruteacher:
A real "outside the box" thinker.  No one post is the same and the variety of topics he covers is endless.  I find Tom to be really on the money with what's in the educational press.  Maybe he is the trend setter, who knows?  An interesting read, every time.

Alex Quigley; @HuntingEnglish - Hunting English:
Alex's blog is an essential one for all English teachers.  His love of the subject and interest in development of teaching and learning is infectious. Some brilliant ideas for tech in the classroom and marginal gains.   His posts are thought provoking and well researched.

Ross McGill - @TeacherToolkit - Teachertoolkit:
Well, where do I start with Ross?  While being a twitter phenomenon, he somehow manages to also blog and run various projects.  He does all this on top of the day job!  I love the fact that he blogs himself, but also brings together other people from the teacher blogging community through his projects like #SLTchat and the Teacher Toolkit Thunks.  He is a real shining light.  He includes a practical and useful edge to the posts and projects, always pulling together ideas that are easy for teachers to implement.  I'm in awe of what he manages to do so well.  I bow down to you TT!

John Thomsett - @johntomsett - This Much I Know About:
I just love this blog.  His heartfelt posts are always so thoughtful and inspiring.  I have honestly found myself laughing and crying along while reading. I always look forward to the next one.  I love the fact that he is so focused on improving teaching and learning and can weave this focus into an anecdote from his life. He makes such unexpectedly wonderful links.   I have recommended this blog to many non-teacher friends as I truly feel it is simply a great read.  The best of the best in my mind.


  1. Brilliant post, as someone new to twitter and blogging, always looking for new educators to follow and found you via teacher toolkit. Am about to go and have a look at the blogs you suggest above.

  2. Brilliant, Sarah. Networking isn't just about making contacts - it's about putting contacts into contact with other contacts, which you do superbly here!

  3. Just re-reading this. Thank you for the lovely comments. See you soon. Ross

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

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